CE certificate professional medical disposable coverall gowns insulating clothing suit isolation medical gowns ready to ship

  • Color:White
  • Feature:Disposable
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Material:Non-woven
  • MOQ:1 box(=50pcs)
  • Weight:10.000 kg/ctn; 160-180g/pcs
  • Style:Full body protection
  • Shipping:Express, Air, Sea shipping
  • Payment terms:T/T, Western union, Bank transfered


Item name Medical Disposable Isolation Suit
Material Non-woven fabrics
Color White
Feature Durable, good tensile resistance, breathable
Production time 5-15 working days after order confirmed
Packing details One pc with one plastic bag, 50pcs per carton
Carton dimension: 60*40*52cm(Weight:9.5kgs)


Product composition:

  • With hood without gloves and boot
  • Front zipper closure with flap
  • Elastic cuff/leg opening,hood and waist

Product performance:
1, the structure of the isolation clothing is reasonable, easy to wear and take off,and tight connection.
2. The isolation clothing is dry, clean, mildew free, with no adhesion, cracks, holes and other defects on the surface; The line trace is even and straight, and there must be no defects such as skipping needle.

3. The zipper of the isolation garment with zipper can not be exposed, and the pull head can lock itself.隔离服细节 (1).jpg隔离服细节 (2).jpg隔离服细节 (3).jpg隔离服详情-1.jpg


1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
2. Users of this product shall receive special training, and please select appropriate specifications when using.
3. It shall be taken out of the packaging bag and directly worn by the personnel of outpatient service, ward and examination room of the medical institution.
4. After use, take off the isolation clothes and throw them into the collection bag of medical waste.


1. Check whether the package is in good condition before use, and confirm the mark of outer package, production date and expiry date.
2. Use with care if the package is damaged.
3. This product is disposable and is strictly prohibited to be used after cleaning.
4. If the product expires, stop using immediately.


Storage: in a non-corrosive and well-ventilated room.
Transportation: the products with good packaging can be transported with normal tools, which should be handled and handled gently.
During transportation to avoid direct sunlight, severe collision, rain and gravity extrusion.





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