“Packaging is Like Art”

  • Date:2020/04/15

What does the “Yi” means? For one thing, in Chinese, Yi in Yifeng is a part of“Yixiong Zhou”, the Chinese name of the founder.  For another, packaging industry is closely related to art (“Yishu” in Chinese means art). From Mr. Zhou’s point of view, it takes a lot of passion and effort to make packaging. Only by treating every product as a work of art can we create high quality products and gain praise.

Tenacity and enterprising spirit, the military advantages, are the characters of Mr. Zhou, who was a soldier in the armed force in his youth. Leaving four-year life of army, he also served in the enviable state-owned enterprise. However, he eventually chose to start a new business, abandoning the “iron bowl”, a stable lifelong job.

In the 1990s, starting a business is harder than flying to sky. “In the worst time, my business was getting into debt of several hundred thousand yuan, ” Mr. Zhou said, “ but we still got through the tough times.” The gold always glitters after sands are washed out by the wave. Yifeng company has stood the test in the harsh conditions and survived. 

For 20years, Yifeng company has grown to a big team with more than one hundred employees from a small workshop. Now we have more than 20 salemen, with four top10 Alibaba accounts in packaging industry, winning warm praise from customers who come from Europe and America, Mid-east, Australia, Asia.





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