Success= Credit× Effort × Dedication

  • Date:2020/04/15

Konosuke Matsudhita, a Japanese business leader of electric appliance, said,“ working hard with sincereness is the only way to success. ” 

Speaking of the secret of business, Mr. Zhou emphasized on the credit. The most important element in business is credit, which is the basis of life. There is an old saying in China “a man cannot survive without credit.” The business will fail if he or she is dishonest. Therefore, Yifeng company regards “Credit and innovation” as motto and examines itself every day. 

Yifeng employees described Mr.Zhou as a responsible CEO who has active involvements in all things in person. He is also a down-to-earth, low-key, hardworking boss.

In 2004, Mr. Zhou joined in BNI chamber of commerce, the largest and most successful business-recommended platform in the world. He acted as a committeeman for two terms, and provided good services of printing and packaging for many other companies, widely gaining respect and reputation from other members. With the spirit and faith of BNI, he maintains that one will gain in business after giving. Indeed, Mr. Zhou always puts the customers first and makes the business bigger. 

 For 20 years, Mr. Zhou has been dedicating in packaging industry. He said, “ I am keen on this industry and my purpose is to make Yifeng company an iconic company in the local. ”





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