Original Intention and Contribution to Society

  • Date:2020/04/15

When you come in Yifeng office, you can see the mission and the value of Yifeng on the wall:Create maximum value for customers; create better life for employees. That is the best hope for his Yifeng company. 

“He is not only a boss but also a guider.” Employees said. As a CEO, Mr. Zhou believes that he has a great mission in mind. “We are responsible for every staff and for helping them to grow,” he said, “I hope individuals in Yifeng company have ability to develop independently in their career. Not only can staffs get the salary, but also they can improve their ability and achieve great value.”

What’s more, from rags to riches, Mr. Zhou still insists in giving back to society by doing charity work. For many years, Mr. Zhou has been concerned about public charity, subsidizing children in impoverished mountainous area and doing good deeds. Mr. Zhou smiled, “I feel delighted when I help others.” 

The key of success is the steadfast goal, faith and hardworking.

The past two decades has witnessed the growth and the rapid development of Yifeng company. 

Under the leadership of Mr.Zhou, Yifeng company will march toward a brilliant future.





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